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11164Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: solar chargers for GPS

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  • Peter Burke
    Nov 3 2:05 PM
      I cannot recommend the Brunton Solarroll 9


      I paid half of what they sell it for, but still consider it a bust.
      Unless you sit around for hours in the peak sunshine hours of the day,
      it will not charge anything. Recharged batteries only last a fraction of
      the hours a lithium AA lasts in my GPS, so much so that for the weight
      of 4 rechargeable batteries, plus the charger, and the SolarRoll with
      12V adapter, I can bring enough AA lithiums to power my GPS for weeks.
      My Garmin 60csx runs about 18 hours with regular alkaline AA, 12 hours
      on a rechargeable AA and 50 hours on a lithium AA that weighs less than
      half of the two other types, so essentially 100 hours for the same
      weight. You could charge any device that has a cigarette lighter adapter
      with it, but you really don't want to carry all that junk with you.

      But more importantly - don't bring the GPS at all if you think you will
      need it to find the trail. A set of small maps will be all you'll need.
      I bring the GPS to record tracks and to motivate my kids with all kinds
      of distance and elevation milestones. Navigation is unimportant (even
      though we do have the 24k topo maps in it - way too detailed to use
      beyond 0.5 mile view. gotta bring paper maps anyway.
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