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  • John Ladd
    Nov 1, 2010
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      If you are set to receive new postings from the JMT Yahoo group as they are posted (as opposed to getting messages as Daily Digests) you presumably received a message within the last hour that had no subject line and included a odd-looking weblink.  The link appears to create no risk to you to your system but I still would advise against following the link.  It leads to a Canadian pharmacy. 

      I have removed the message from the website, which hopefully will prevent it from being included in the Daily Digest that many members use.  So many of you will never see it.

      I believe that the member did not intend to send the spam.  My guess is that her computer has been infected with a virus program which is sending e-mails to random entries from her address book.  I've notified the member off-board and I assume she will soon be running an anti-virus program that should solve her problem.  Until she lets me know that she has located and fixed the problem, her messages will be moderated by me - i.e., sent to me first and available to the Group only after I have reviewed and OK'd them.  This has been occasionally necessary in the past and causes only a slow delay in legitimate postings.

      We have not had much of a spam problem in the past.  I doubt that this is the start of a trend, but if it is, there are other steps that I can take to prevent a problem (e.g., moving the entire group to moderated message status).  I don't think there is a reason to be unduly concerned about it.

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
      San Francisco, CA  94114-3707