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1109Re: Stream crossings N of Muir Pass?

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  • backpack45scb
    Aug 19, 2005
      No recent experience myself, but heard on one of the forums that earlier
      Evolution Creek at the trail crossing was too dangerous, and people were
      crossing at a big "S" in the creek in Evolution Meadow above the normal
      crossing. I think they said there was a rope strung across at that point. Be
      extremely cautious if using a rope. It's a potential hazard itself.

      My general stream crossing advice:

      Early Season Fording Techniques:

      If you are a PCTer, you will have a number of fast deep crossings requiring
      extreme caution. Evolution Creek is the deepest, sometimes chest high at the
      normal crossing point, but not very fast. Others are not as deep but fast
      and dangerous. Cross in early morning - may be 12 inches lower than late
      afternoon. Tyndall Creek, Bear Creek, south fork of Kings River, Rush Creek,
      Kerrick Canyon (northern Yosemite) are some of the others. Consensus from
      PCT-L forum is to use hiking poles or sticks to get 4 points of contact,
      keep body facing the opposite shore, wear synthetic fast drying clothes,
      take off long pants, unfasten waist belt. If shoes and boots are already wet
      leave them on. Walk between rocks, not on them. If wearing trail runners
      leave them on - some people take socks off. During dry weather if you have
      to cross in your boots, remove socks and boot liners, wipe out boots after
      crossing and reinsert liners. You will walk dry quickly. You need something
      to protect your feet (I have gone barefoot in midsummer and it is painful. I
      have carried lightweight kayak shoes for camp and river crossing - better
      than bare feet. I don't want the weight penalty of Tevas). With normal
      sierra weather you will dry as you walk fairly soon. If chilly, put on
      fleece after crossing.

      Ralph Alcorn

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