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10996Re: [John Muir Trail] Off Season gear maintenance

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  • ed_rodriguez52@yahoo.com
    Oct 19, 2010
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      Well for me I make sure that everything is clean before I put thing away for the season. I try to keep everything in there stuff sack or bag like kitchen items, clothes, socks and liners. Generally I make sure what gear I have in a compartment goes back in it except for my sleeping bag. I try real hard not to lose or miss places anything but I don't know its seems that backpacker gnomes out there find there way in my gear

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      I knew somone would say that.. I should have said "What does everyone do with thier gear when they are not using it"

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      "What does everyone do(if anything) with thier gear during the winter?" 

      I use it . . . I have these slightly smelly sleeping bags and jackets hanging in the closet and whenever my girlfriend says something like, "get those out of here," I some how manage to mis-interpret what she says as, "Get out of here." . . . and so I go. (snow-camping is almost upon us) 



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