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  • cnong
    Aug 8, 2005

      Congratulations on finishing your thru-hike!

      I saw from your Trail Journal that you used Aqua Mira as your water
      treatment. Was it good enough? I have a MSR MiniWork weighted at
      16oz. I prefer not to take it if Aqua Mira can do all the works.
      Also, any advises on stream crossing?



      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Dave" <idahomtman@b...> wrote:
      > I completed my solo 9.5 day JMT hike July 31. I started July 22
      > Happy Isles. Snow was minimal (except Muir) and river crossings
      > fine. Rope was still up at Bear Creek, but water was only up to
      > bottom of my shorts. Had great weather except the infamous Thursday
      > thunderstorm that killed the scouts (2 according to the Whitney
      > ranger). I had some rain at Guitar Lake but minimal. I left Guitar
      > Lake at 5 am and summitted at 7:45 am and was at Whitney Portal at
      > 12:15 pm. A very reasonable day.
      > I brought too much food and ended up giving some away and leaving a
      > lot in the hiker boxes. I planned on 3500-4000 calories a day and
      > ended up eating about 2500 at best. I did lose some weight but when
      > you average 22+ miles per day that is to be expected. I brought a
      > lightweight ice axe but it was really needed. Should have packed
      > socks in my resupply. My feet were wet most of the time.
      > I met some great people and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There were
      > some very inexperienced people that were close to being in trouble,
      > if not in trouble. I hope they made it. Usually the problem was the
      > stream crossings.
      > Idahomtman
      > P.S. See my log in Trail Journals for more detail.
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