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  • Dave
    Aug 5, 2005
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      I completed my solo 9.5 day JMT hike July 31. I started July 22 from
      Happy Isles. Snow was minimal (except Muir) and river crossings were
      fine. Rope was still up at Bear Creek, but water was only up to
      bottom of my shorts. Had great weather except the infamous Thursday
      thunderstorm that killed the scouts (2 according to the Whitney
      ranger). I had some rain at Guitar Lake but minimal. I left Guitar
      Lake at 5 am and summitted at 7:45 am and was at Whitney Portal at
      12:15 pm. A very reasonable day.

      I brought too much food and ended up giving some away and leaving a
      lot in the hiker boxes. I planned on 3500-4000 calories a day and
      ended up eating about 2500 at best. I did lose some weight but when
      you average 22+ miles per day that is to be expected. I brought a
      lightweight ice axe but it was really needed. Should have packed new
      socks in my resupply. My feet were wet most of the time.

      I met some great people and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There were
      some very inexperienced people that were close to being in trouble,
      if not in trouble. I hope they made it. Usually the problem was the
      stream crossings.


      P.S. See my log in Trail Journals for more detail.
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