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1079Re: VVR to the Portal and Food

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  • tmcsplash51
    Jul 31 7:25 PM
      Hello Everyone ,

      How much does your food weight from VVR to WP ..Greg.
      I am going from FLorence Lake to WP . Taking 12 days 11 nights .
      Someone is hiking with me for the first two days and carrying all
      those days food . So I am carrying about 10 days of food . I am
      using a Bearakade Expedition .It should fit . I too am planning on
      catching trout . All the other times I have been there I have
      caught more fish then I can eat .
      I just got my base weight down to 15 lbs. I feel good about that .
      It includes my binoculers , flyrod equipment and canister .

      I am Stoked ..Splash
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