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106202010 photo gallery

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  • Peter Burke
    Sep 3 4:47 PM
      Folks, I finally got the photos from our July trip online - if you have
      time, there are 800 images to look at (out of over 2300 taken). If not,
      wait for a week or so and I will put a Best Of gallery together with
      maybe 50 shots.

      I also added more deep zoom panoramas to the menu. You'll find the Photo
      gallery on the left, Deep Zooms on the right (and don't be confused by
      the 2009 in the URL - the 2010 stuff is in that same area).


      note on the navigation - when done looking at one particular date's set
      of images, click on "Gallery Menu" to get the list of other dates. To
      see the original full sized image, there's a download button on the
      bottom right.

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