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10596Re: [John Muir Trail] itinerary challenge for the group (I don't know the answer)

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  • Kim Fishburn
    Sep 1, 2010
      Sounds a bit like the Tahoe Yosemite Trail. Some of it follows the PCT but it veers away for parts. I don't like the part where when meeting highway 108 the trail follows the road 10 miles to the Kennedy Meadows Resort though. It crosses Highway 4 at Lake Alpine where there is a resort. Last time I heard they were accepting packages. Kennedy Meadow used to but I was looking at their site recently and there was no mention. Still, I'd call them and see. They just rebuilt after a fire a few years ago. At highway 50 you could always get a ride into South Lake Tahoe. The TYT starts at Meeks Bay at Lake Tahoe. It joins the PCT after about 10 miles. The PCT  also cross the old highway at Donner Pass and I think the Alpine Skills International is nearby. I've stayed in their bunk rooms in the winter.

      Parts of this trail are cross country but not difficult. There is a big 3000 ft climb with little shade or water when crossing the Mokulmne River southbound. I'm not sure about the condition of this trail, or if the Forest Service even wants to maintain it. If you call them don't be surprised if they mention how it isn't an official trail. The only reason the trail exist is because someone wrote a book on it. If interested I have more info on this trail here.


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      Alternative approach might to be to chose one location that has multiple loop trails nearby and keep returning multiple times to the same "zero day" spot for better food, showers, etc.

      E.g., one could chose the Lodge/cabins at Cedar grove in Kings Canyon as a base and do Rae Lakes loop first, then do something involving Granite and Kennedy Passes, then something getting into the Middle Fork Kings. 

      Or use Vermilion as a base and make a semi-loop up Bear Creek to Lake Italy and back over Bear Ridge; next trip up and back Mono Creek into the Recesses area; then third trip loop No on JMT and return Goodale Pass and maybe detour to Devil's Bathtub.

      I haven't done these - it is just a series of map-based thoughts, but I think you'd cover a lot of beautiful territory and have a home base.  Your car would stay at the base location, so transportaiton would be easier.  If you needed public transportaiton, VVR has some options.  (Cedar grove maybe less so.)

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      On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 7:04 AM, Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote:

      On our JMT hike this year, we did a 2 night stay at Muir Trail Ranch's cabins and had one whole down day.  It was fantastic.
      I was thinking.  Eric the Black's PCT book, CA section 2, covers the entire  527 miles of the high sierra portion of the PCT which includes 200 miles of the JMT.
      Can anyone think of a 230 mile contiguous stretch of hiking in the high sierra (either via North-South hiking or periodically doing loops off that stretch or detours off that stretch (difference between a loop alongside the stretch and a detour, is that a loop returns you to you takeoff point, a detour doesn't), where if one is hiking 10 miles a day one can approximately find a place to book an overnight stay every 6 days (so that once a week you have 2 nights at a place with a bed, meals, and a laundry machine)? 
      I'd love to do a hike involving 24 days of hiking but interspersed with 3-4 such stays.
      One guy I met on the trail thought the PCT north of Toulumne Meadows might meet that requirement.
      I was also wondering about side trips to the JMT in SEKI or other portions of the JMT.

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