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1058Re: [John Muir Trail] Back From JMT

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  • Frank Martin
    Jul 29, 2005
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Laura Leaf Vandezande
      <lauraleaf23@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Erin and Miles,
      > I will be heading out on the trail with my friend
      > Joanna on Thursday. We are starting in Tuolumne and
      > have sent resupply packages to Red's Meadow, Muir
      > Trail Ranch and at the Pine Creek Pack Station at
      > Onion Valley. The last one is a 5 mile hike out over
      > Kearsarge Pass, and 5 miles back in, but I think it's
      > worth not carrying a TON of food on my back from Muir
      > trail Ranch.
      > Their information can be found here:
      > http://www.395.com/berners/
      > 760/387-2797
      > 800/962-0775
      > You need to call them to set up a resupply drop. We
      > looked into having them pack it in to us at Rae Lakes,
      > but it would have cost $500 or so. Too much.
      > I personally wouldn't want to pack 12 days of food.
      > uggg. I think it's possible, but it wouldn't be
      > comfortable.
      > Laura
      > p.s. I'm not familiar with the boat Doug mentioned at
      > MTR. I think you need to hike off trail for that.

      The boat is at VVR. To get to Muir Trail Ranch you take the Florence
      Lake Trail after coming over Seldin pass.

      If you are leaving next week the trail will be fine. You will have
      snow at Donohue and maybe a bit at Muir but I think other than that
      most of the snow is melting.

      There are a lot of creek crossings. I wear trail runners and wade
      through the creeks. I was not concerned with keeping my feet dry.
      From Evolution Lake on I was fording 20-25 creeks and streams a day.
      The people wearing boots were having problems because eventually they
      got tired of taking their socks and shoes off every 15 minutes to ford.

      They eventually ended up with wet boots, two pair of heavy slow drying
      wet socks and blisters.

      There is just a lot of water out there at least for the time I was
      there. In normal year there would be logs or rocks over some of these
      crossings but this year the logs and rocks are under the water.

      My advice would be to bring extra fast drying socks, even if they are
      not backpacking socks. Take care of your feet.

      At Bear Creek cross North of the trail. There is an 'island' and you
      do a double crossing and later cross back of one small creek to get to
      the trail.

      At Evolution Creek go South pass the trail crossing to Evolution
      Meadow. There is an 'S' curve in the creek. There is a 'ghost trail'
      leading right to it so it will not be hard to find. The water will be
      deep but calm.

      Be careful of the 'log crossings' on the smaller creeks where you can
      find them. many people have slipped off these logs this year.

      Other than that the trail conditions are GREAT. Just lots of water

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