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10570Re: itinerary challenge for the group (I don't know the answer)

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  • John
    Aug 30, 2010
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      the Alps

      Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote:
      > On our JMT hike this year, we did a 2 night stay at Muir Trail Ranch's
      > cabins and had one whole down day. It was fantastic.
      > I was thinking. Eric the Black's PCT book, CA section 2, covers the entire
      > 527 miles of the high sierra portion of the PCT which includes 200 miles of
      > the JMT.
      > Can anyone think of a 230 mile contiguous stretch of hiking in the high
      > sierra (either via North-South hiking or periodically doing loops off that
      > stretch or detours off that stretch (difference between a loop alongside the
      > stretch and a detour, is that a loop returns you to you takeoff point, a
      > detour doesn't), where if one is hiking 10 miles a day one can approximately
      > find a place to book an overnight stay every 6 days (so that once a week you
      > have 2 nights at a place with a bed, meals, and a laundry machine)?
      > I'd love to do a hike involving 24 days of hiking but interspersed with 3-4
      > such stays.
      > One guy I met on the trail thought the PCT north of Toulumne Meadows might
      > meet that requirement.
      > I was also wondering about side trips to the JMT in SEKI or other portions
      > of the JMT.
      > Roleigh
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