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1057Re: [John Muir Trail] Back From JMT

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  • Frank Martin
    Jul 29, 2005
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Miles & Erin Parroco
      <meparroco@g...> wrote:
      > To all of those experienced hikers...we are not like yourselves, and
      we are
      > leaving on Monday for our first JMT hike.
      > We plan on going from North to South in about 21 days.
      > As we are putting together our food we are trying to figure out the
      > canister thing. We plan on renting them from the park in Yosemite.
      We posted
      > food forward only to one spot (Vermilion Valley).
      > So, we have 9 days of food, and then we'll have about 12 days of food.
      > As we look at our food we think we'll have to get 3 possibly 4 bear
      > canisters to fit it all.
      > We have to know if this is ridiculous?!! There are just 2 of us. Are we
      > doing something wrong if we need that many canisters?
      > Any advice? Thanks! Erin and Miles


      Each Garcia cannister weighs about 2 lbs. 14 oz. It is not practical
      to carry more than one. Garcia's are the most cumbersome of all the
      different brands both in weight and volumn.

      It is late for you but for others you can also rent Bearikade
      Expeditions from Wild Ideas. These hold twice as much as the Garcia
      and weigh 2 lbs 5oz. I own one, they are very expensive ($275.00),
      but they are by far the best.

      There is an earlier thread on this list with a list of Bear boxes
      along the trail. Plan you hike out of VVR so that you can make camp
      near these boxes.

      It really doesn't make sense to carry more than one cannister each.
      Most of the people hiking the PCT don't even bother with a cannister.
      They are experienced hikers at least by the time they reach the Sierra
      and practice 'stealth camping' meaning they don't eat where they sleep.

      Try reducing you packaging from the food you have purchases in advance.

      Good luck, have fun.
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