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1056Re: [John Muir Trail] Back From JMT

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  • Laura Leaf Vandezande
    Jul 29, 2005
      Hello Erin and Miles,

      I will be heading out on the trail with my friend
      Joanna on Thursday. We are starting in Tuolumne and
      have sent resupply packages to Red's Meadow, Muir
      Trail Ranch and at the Pine Creek Pack Station at
      Onion Valley. The last one is a 5 mile hike out over
      Kearsarge Pass, and 5 miles back in, but I think it's
      worth not carrying a TON of food on my back from Muir
      trail Ranch.

      Their information can be found here:


      You need to call them to set up a resupply drop. We
      looked into having them pack it in to us at Rae Lakes,
      but it would have cost $500 or so. Too much.

      I personally wouldn't want to pack 12 days of food.
      uggg. I think it's possible, but it wouldn't be

      p.s. I'm not familiar with the boat Doug mentioned at
      MTR. I think you need to hike off trail for that.

      --- Pukkmann@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 7/28/2005 11:30:02 P.M. Pacific
      > Standard Time,
      > meparroco@... writes:
      > To all of those experienced hikers...we are not
      > like yourselves, and we are
      > leaving on Monday for our first JMT hike.
      > We plan on going from North to South in about 21
      > days.
      > As we are putting together our food we are trying
      > to figure out the bear
      > canister thing. We plan on renting them from the
      > park in Yosemite. We posted
      > food forward only to one spot (Vermilion Valley).
      > So, we have 9 days of food, and then we'll have
      > about 12 days of food.
      > As we look at our food we think we'll have to get 3
      > possibly 4 bear
      > canisters to fit it all.
      > We have to know if this is ridiculous?!! There are
      > just 2 of us. Are we
      > doing something wrong if we need that many
      > canisters?
      > Any advice? Thanks! Erin and Miles
      > On 7/28/05, Vera Lehmkuhl <vjl_47@...> wrote:
      > What I would do is this....pack what you want but
      > remember, you will be in
      > Toulomne Meadows after two or three days, there are
      > showers, a store a
      > restaurant in the Lodge, a cafe.....then again in
      > Reds Meadow after another 3 or 4
      > days there is another store, Restaurant, showers to
      > restock again!!!....so you
      > might want to think about lightening up a bit till
      > after Vermillion....also
      > at Muir Ranch there is another boat that goes into
      > the resort there to restock
      > again if you want....now, from that point to
      > Whitney there are no places to
      > restock!!! Have fun, watch the river and creek
      > crossings ( hope you have
      > trecking poles ) Expect snow at all the passes,
      > especially Muir Pass!!! Also,
      > remember that the Period meteor shower will be going
      > on , check when the best
      > nights will be!!!...I hope I surprised you with that
      > one!!!...Doug
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