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1050Re: [John Muir Trail] Back From JMT

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  • Pukkmann@aol.com
    Jul 28, 2005
      In a message dated 7/28/2005 11:05:14 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
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      I have done it as fast as 5 days 15 hours. Last year that's the woman's
      record. I hold the Yo Yo record too 12 days 4 hours. I have gone both North
      and South..
      From Muir ranch to HI... It gets easier. The first part your feet will
      be wet every single day.. The only time my feet did not get wet was the last
      two days from Reds Meadow to the finish..
      Bear Creek... Someone put a line up right before we got there... I
      wouldn't trust it by now it's probably stretched out. I held on to it with my left
      hand and used a trekking pole in my right. You have to straddle the rock in
      the middle of the crossing. I got flipped upside down because of the force
      there. It freaked me out. I was holding on the rope. Once I got footing I
      put my right foot on the other side for balance.

      If I new what I knew now. I would go to the left down stream and cross
      where it's wide and slow.
      Met a guy after, who crossed there it was calf deep and slow.

      The crossing near Silver has a rope up.. It's bomber, a very thick line.
      Don't forget to cross in the Meadow at Evolution and not the normal crossing.
      A few hikers have died at that crossing this year.
      I watched a guy try to cross and he freaked. I told him to go back and
      cross in the meadow.

      Not sure why the Rangers don't put signs up to direct us to safer
      crossings.(at least this year)

      All the passes had snow. Muir was the worst... I would say at least 1 mile
      of snow. There is a lot of route finding and boulder scrambling.. Just pay
      attention and you will be fine.

      Have fun out there and be safe.


      Thanks so much!!!...you are a big help!!!

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