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10199Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: JMT Trip Report

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  • Peter Burke
    Aug 10, 2010
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      On 8/10/2010 2:18 PM, Jake Krong wrote:
      Andrea's "told it never rained" in the Sierras comment was in relative jest; after spending most of the past year in Colorado with me, where afternoon t-storms were not a matter of if, but when, I had told her that the chances of rain in the Sierras during this trip would be dramatically lower. Of course we had originally planned on an August trip, after the monsoon, where that would have been even more accurate... but that being said, after that storm system rolled through, we hardly even saw a cloud for the next 5 days, which is a stretch like I never experienced while living and hiking in CO! Overall we thought the weather was fantastic!

      good to know - we are thinking of doing the Colorado Trail on mountain bikes in the coming years, and that weather info may just change those plans. We are spoiled by Sierra summers.

      I'm glad you came out of the 7/25-26 storm ok... sounds like a really bad one to be stuck in the tent for so long... I would have gone crazy! Its really scary when lightning is that close and you just have to wait it out.

      the lightning wasn't a huge problem once we realized that it was probably Fin Dome getting nailed every time it sounded close. However, spending almost a full day with two 12-year-olds in a small tent will certainly drive you mad, or at least you will feel like it's time to start up hiking well before the storm is over :-)


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