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10196Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: JMT Trip Report

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  • Peter Burke
    Aug 10, 2010
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      "Most unexpected moments of entire trip –

      A: Ridiculous hail/thunderstorm on Day 4 (was told it doesn’t ever rain
      in the Sierra Nevadas!)"

      please do tell where you got your pre-trip information :-)

      you were lucky to move so fast, because you missed a much more
      ridiculous storm by just a day. That second storm tied us down for 24
      hours in the tent, with waves of lightning within 1/8th of a mile for
      most of the time we spent there (near Rae Lakes, 7-25-7/26).

      After the storm it also got colder in the Sierra than I recall from even
      late September hike. We're talking 40 degrees and high winds all day
      long in late July. It can snow any month in the Sierra (it snowed on
      Whitney yesterday), and rain is much more common, especially in the
      "monsoon season" in July. Basically, August is about the only month you
      may run into a 2 week no-precip window.
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