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Chapter 5

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    Notes: *Well how about that mysterious rape in the park for Germaine? Her indignant silence about the incident is rather puzzling. Does she think maybe
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      *Well how about that mysterious "rape" in the park for Germaine? Her
      indignant silence about the incident is rather puzzling. Does she
      think maybe Andre has something to do with it and is still so lost
      and confused in her feelings for him that she refuses to let the
      possiblity enter her mind. Of course, I beleive it wasn't Andre, but
      *I am amazed at how JB is able to make Todd Andrews's 11R, 12R, 13R
      come to fruition so that they may be able to parallel their
      respective L side twins--without being obvious. When Andrews wraps
      up his letter, I had to go back and review his Chapter 3 letter AND
      the events he details here to get the picture. Andrews sells himself
      shoort as being "slow" indeed!
      * AB Cook IV receives a mailing postmarked from Quebec supposedly
      from his son, questioning the authenticity of the previous letters.
      Any definitive clue to who this is and how it is possible? As Cook
      states, he sent copies to "a certain historian, again for a certain
      novelist." The Author had sent his letters back by July 20, and
      Germaine had her own fish to fry to worry about it--did she hand them
      to someone else in the meantime? I have a sneaky suspicion The Author
      is the forger claiming to be his son.
      *And speaking of The Author, note how he starts to get rather
      egotistical and testy: "let's get things straight", he starts off to
      Bray (but who could blame him?). He basically tells Horner, "FIne,
      but I'll use your ideas without permission, if not the story, if you
      don't mind." He also tells Cook let the Chautuqua (or -gua,
      whatever!) "be the one bridge" between them. But again, who could
      blame him?
      *Maybe I'm picking up too much pessimism lately, but Todd Andrews
      makes some rather not very kind personal comments about the other
      characters--Ambrose ("I do not greatly like nor much comprehend that
      fellow!") and the matriarch Mensch ("an old flirt"!). However, I
      liked Andrews' description of the Arrow Shirt ad, for its
      metaphorical and sexual symbolism combined with the sense of loss of
      innocence and wawted time...

      Enough from me, gotta eat lunch (come kids, MINGLE!)
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