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The sexual cobweb (some spoilers)

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  • Kris Majer
    Hi everybody,We lapse into silence more and more often, which is not a good thing... Anyway, I remember Rick s query about the other JB novels as present in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001
      Hi everybody,

      We lapse into silence more and more often, which is not a good thing...
      Anyway, I remember Rick's query about the other JB novels as present in
      LETTERS, we have answered some of it but a lot remains to be addressed -
      perhaps later on. But: you may remember Ms Martha Wendell (whose appearance
      was as mysterious as her dis-) and her mentioning of the many cases of
      symmetrical adulteries. I think it's an important issue and, if I fail to
      see it as positing a serious threat to the collective morality of this here
      group, I consider it a deliberate conceit on the part of the Author. But
      there's more.

      Enough of the diction a la Ms Wendell. In the first epistle in 6:R, which I
      commenced today, Germaine writes to the author about the section of the film
      which is to do with "that vague circumambient busines they're calling the
      Mating Season or Mating Flight - which I take to refer to, at least to
      include, the sexual casuistries of Prinz/Bea/Ambrose/Germaine, with that
      horny maniac J. Bray hovering over all." She goes on to refer to it as the
      "sexual cobweb", and methinks its reaches encompass many more than just
      these few mentioned here. It is my tentative thesis that each of the
      principal characters in LETTERS (a term wider than the drolls & dreamers who
      actually write the letters) is connected with one or even two others via a
      sexual relationship and that they all form a pattern - the aforementioned
      sexual cobweb - that we could actually graph. Perhaps. :)

      I started doodling about in my notebook and the outcome looked not unlike
      some large chemical compounds that I was forced to draw in high school
      (can't resist bringing in Pynchon here - chemical reactions being an
      important image / theme / metaphor in Gravity's Rainbow, also used to
      describe the way that people are connected to one another through emotional
      relationships, connecting / disconnecting etc....). Anybody willing to help
      out with this? At first I thought Germaine, as the central character of the
      novel, should form the core of the compound, but it works better with
      Ambrose in the middle (hope it all looks the same when it goes through the
      cybermill and into your mailboxes)

      ******* ******************** LETTERS Sexual Cobwev v1.0

      Jeffrey Amherst Magda
      Mensch-------Peter Mensch
      Andre Castine ------- Germaine ------- Ambrose Mensch------ Bea
      Golden------Reg Prinz
      | |
      | |
      | |
      | |
      Jane Mack--------Harrison Mack Marsha Blank--------
      Jerome Bray-----Merope Bernstein
      Todd Andrews Jacob
      Horner--------Rennie Morgan-----Joe Morgan

      2001 John Barth Yahoo Group, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying will
      be prosecuted. Limbs will be lacerated and remaining body immersed in
      boiling tar.


      I'm sure this could be improved, e.g. there's a link between Jane Mack and
      Jeffrey Amherst that I remembered after I had already drafted the cobweb. I
      might have forgotten some characters as well. Any additions / improvements?
      Come on, let's stir this reading up a bit with a copyrighted, expanding
      LETTERS Sexual Cobweb! :)



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