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1889Re: [johnbarth] Re: New Member!

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  • Derik
    Jul 3, 2002
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      On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, agrimorfee wrote:

      > >Ad Infinitum.
      > Is that the one with, like 5 or 6 quotation marks within sentences?
      > Too complicated for me! ;)

      Isn't that the Menelaid(sp?) in Lost in the Funhouse? (I feel a need to
      reread LitF, it's been a couple years, see how it holds up.)

      Anybody interested in maybe doing some Barth short story discussions in
      the near future?

      Derik A. Badman.


      "Stop living and read!" - Fernando Pessoa

      "Endings, to be useful, must be inconclusive." - Samuel R. Delany

      "The world is richer in associations than meanings, and ... it is the part
      of wisdom to distinguish between the two." - John Barth
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