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1888Re: New Member!

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  • agrimorfee
    Jul 3, 2002
      --- In johnbarth@y..., "leedoff10" <leedoff10@a...> wrote:
      >Hope no one minds, but I decided to take him up on it.
      Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome. No one minds, the more the merrier!

      >And I cannot wait until Coming Soon is out on paperback. I can't
      afford those damn hardcovers.
      Books are unbelievably pricey, to be sure. I rarely purchase anything
      without reading it first from the library or without extensive
      background (oddly enough, I got Coming Soon unread and with little

      >Ad Infinitum.
      Is that the one with, like 5 or 6 quotation marks within sentences?
      Too complicated for me! ;)
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