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Re: Are there any good books on Bach?

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  • roberto109418
    Here s some good books on Bach a: his keyboard music: i - Analysis of Bach s 48 - Frederick Iliffe ii - Interpreting Bach s Well-Tempered Clavier
    Message 1 of 390 , Feb 3, 2000
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      Here's some good books on Bach<br> a: his
      keyboard music:<br>i - Analysis of Bach's '48' - Frederick
      Iliffe<br>ii - Interpreting Bach's 'Well-Tempered Clavier' -
      Ralph Kirkpatrick<br>iii- Interepreting Bach at the
      Keyboard - Paul Badura- Skoda<br>iv - Bach's Ornaments -
      Walter Emery<br><br> b: Harmony<br>i - Harmony in
      Practice - Anna Butterworth<br>ii- Dynamics of Harmony -
      George Pratt<br>iii - 18th Century Counterpoint - H.
      Gibert Trythall<br>iv - Counterpoint - Kent
      Kennan<br><br>I learnt more about playing Bach's music from
      reading harmony text-books than from any piano
    • forzafurioso
      Hi again it s been a while. Someone here gave me a tip on wich book to get if I wanted to learn how to write fuges. But I can t remember the name of the
      Message 390 of 390 , Feb 21, 2002
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        Hi again it's been a while.<br>Someone here gave me a tip on wich book to get if I wanted to learn how to write fuges.<br>But I can't remember the name of the book.<br>Hope you can help me.
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