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Re: [John_Lit] Post Colonialism, Jeff?

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  • Jeffrey L. Staley
    ... Are they really counter-colonial? Or just trying to impose a different kind of colonialism? ... I would rather say, we should find ways to read the FG
    Message 1 of 4 , May 15, 2000
      > Thanks, Jeff, this is helpful. While the impact of a text need not depend
      > on what an earlier author intended to convey, it strikes me that
      > counter-colonialism is a very appropriate way to read John and the other
      > gospels as well.

      Are they really "counter-colonial?" Or just trying to impose a different kind of colonialism?

      > With the Roman presence in the background and the
      > well-established Jewish presence intermingling with the Johannine
      > situation, aspects related to "the world" and its ambivalent stances
      > toward the Revealer are especially pertinent.

      I would rather say, we should find ways to read the FG in "counter-colonial" ways, and I think that is possible. I wonder what the value
      is of trying to argue a "counter-colonial" intention was the author's purpose. As a rhetorical stance that has certain value with some
      scholars and religious traditions, but a postcolonial reading doesn't need to work from the [original] "Johannine situation" (see your
      earlier comments below).

      > As you know, my work on Bakhtin works with the text in some of these ways.

      Yes, are you going to get back to Bakhtin some time? As you know, I think that is the most productive side of your work--for my money,
      much more helpful and interesting than trying to prove that the real apostle John in some way stands behind the FG and is arguing with

      > I like also the work that Daniel Smith-Christopher has been doing with
      > indigenous readings of the Bible in the light of exilic communities.

      Yes, me too. Though I don't know what he is currently working on.

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