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Re: Re(2): [John_Lit] John 6:4 The Jewish Passover Feast was near.

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    In a message dated 4/12/2000 2:42:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, panderso@georgefox.edu writes:
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      panderso@... writes:

      << The historicity of such religio-political tensions associated with the
      feeding event is corroborated by the primary interpretive comment within
      the Marcan tradition (Mk. 6:34), where Jesus has compassion upon the
      multitude because they are like ‘sheep without a shepherd’. The
      traditional associations of this phase go back to the installation of
      Joshua as the successor of Moses (Nu. 27:15-17) and the vision of Micaiah
      ben Imlah upon the eve of the tragic battle of Ramoth Gilead (1 Ki. 22:17;
      cf. Jer. 8:22) -- scenes which later contribute to a primary image of the
      Zion restoration as described in Zech. 10:2ff. This ‘Zionist’ motif was
      inherent only to the Marcan tradition, as both Matthew and Luke omit such
      interpretive comments in the post-70 CE redactions of Mark.>>

      Does anyone ever read Matt? I have no idea what this means. Mark 6:34 has a
      clear parallel in Matt 9:35-36, and the verse is in fact much more "native"
      to Matt's Gospel and most probably originated there, being picked up almost
      accidentally (and secondarily) by Mark in a process of conflating two
      Matthean passages that speak of Jesus' "compassion" on the crowds (9:35,
      14:14). It is typical of Mark to conflate in this way, and his personal
      interest in the mentioned OT background passages was probably minimal
      compared to that of Matt.

      Leonard Maluf
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