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Re: [John_Lit] John 6:4 The Jewish Passover Feast was near.

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      << Maybe Jesus' public ministry was marked by three Passovers ... two of them
      Jerusalem, and one of them NOTORIOUSLY in Galilee. So notorious that NOT
      EVEN John could shift the tradition of a Passover in Galilee back to
      Jerusalem. Maybe that's why it sticks out like a sore thumb? Maybe we
      use John for a "Rahmen der Geschichte Jesu"! Maybe outlandish! Loads of
      "maybes" ... >>

      Yes, so many that the theory loses credibility in my view. Could you
      indicate, perhaps, why would (if you do) prefer this solution to one along
      the lines explained by Elizabeth Danna? It seems to me that her suggestion
      has more in its favor. Jn has decided, with literary aims only, to move some
      of the material found in the Synoptics at the time of Jesus' one-time and
      final trip to Jerusalem back into an earlier slot in his gospel. He sees
      these events (mainly, cleansing of the temple, and feeding with bread,
      understood as his body for the life of the world) as all standing under the
      sign of and related to the symbolism of the Passover Feast referred to as the
      temporal framework for these events in Matt 26:2 pp. So when Jn relates these
      events of the cleansing of the temple and his version of the last supper
      (feeding of the 5000 conflated with last supper event through the words
      interpreting bread as his body for the life of the world) he inserts an
      artificial reference to the Feast of Passover derived literarily from the
      Synoptic accounts of the final events of Jesus' life in Jerusalem.

      Leonard Maluf
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