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Re: [GTh] Are e-lists dying?

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  • Jack Kilmon
    I am of the same opinion, Mike. I don t think it is as much blog competitions as it is cyclic activity and availability of the scholarly community. A new
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2008
      I am of the same opinion, Mike. I don't think it is as much blog
      competitions as it is cyclic activity and availability of the scholarly
      community. A new generation of academics and students move in and are
      unaware of the lists. I think an e-forum discussion list circular outlining
      the scholarly lists and their purposes to the religion/Bible Study
      departments of the universities wellactive in these fields would be helpful.
      The Yahoo Groups directory has been so clogged with nut stuff and porn stuff
      that scholars and students stay clear unless they are specifically looking
      for a group. In short, we need a recruitment program in the academic
      communities and members who are active in those communities can be called
      upon to help. I'm going to crosspost this to our other two lists also..


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      > Hi Andrew,
      > I've always believed that such meta-issues as you bring up are in
      > order, and I think the other moderators agree, so don't worry about
      > that. In fact, I had been thinking about posting a "State of the List"
      > message to discuss the relatively low number of contributors lately,
      > despite my efforts to get inactive members (i.e., those who don't
      > receive email messages) more interested/active, by sending offlist
      > messages to let them know what we had been discussing. That didn't
      > work, but I haven't yet given up on the goal of increasing list activity
      > without sacrificing quality.
      > Your statistics show that our list isn't the only one suffering a decline
      > in activity (and hence, presumably in interest), which is good news for
      > us, I suppose. Still, if it turns out that nothing can be done to maintain
      > a "critical mass" of dialogue on these lists, those of us who care will
      > have to consider locking the doors and going to more fruitful methods
      > of sharing and discussing information and opinions in our areas of
      > interest. Before going down that route, however, I think we should
      > explore some creative ways to bring more life to the scholarly e-lists.
      > In that effort, it might be useful to do some kind of a survey to find
      > out how e-literate scholars interact with groups and blogs, and what
      > perceptions cause them to act in certain ways (hence what might
      > cause them to act differently).
      > Regards,
      > Mike
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