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RE: [John_Lit] Johannine Views of Jesus

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  • Matson, Mark (Academic)
    Sam: Well, here is a start on some of this, though off the top of my head -- 1. CH Dodd, Intepretation of the fourth gospel (dated, but what a treasure trove
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      Well, here is a start on some of this, though off the top of my head --

      1. CH Dodd, Intepretation of the fourth gospel (dated, but what a treasure trove of comparative information)
      2. Craig Koester, Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel
      3. You should check the entries for each in both TDNT and Anchor Bible Dictionary. TDNT usually has extensive discussions on specific use. If I recall, the "logos" entry in ABD is quite good, and has great bibliographic entries at the end.
      4. John Ashton, Understanding the Fourth Gospel

      At least this is where I would start.

      But if I get you correctly, your real interest is not really in John's use of phos or logos, but rather you are trying to gain a trajectory on the later Eastern theology of these ideas, and so you are trying to angle into that. Am I Correct?

      If so, I might start with some early Eastern theologians, and see how they (a) interpret John, and (b) how they use the terms independently of their citation of John. I am by no means conversant in these, but I would think that exploring the works of John chrysostom, and the Cappodocians (Basil, Gregory of Nyssa, and Gregory of Nazianzus) would be a great way to angle into this trajectory. And I think there should be some good material out there on these theologians.

      Mark A. Matson
      Academic Dean
      Milligan College


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      Subject: [John_Lit] Johannine Views of Jesus

      I am in the beginning stages of my master's thesis and would love to hear
      some of your thoughts and recommended readings for the Johannine use of
      logos and phos in relation to Jesus both in the Gospel and Epistles. I
      don't seem to find a lot of information on either outside of exegetical
      notes in commentaries. I am deeply interested in the significance of these
      ideas in Eastern theology, as it seems that it is there that logos and phos
      have retained its importance and have flourished.

      Your suggestions and recommendations come with deepest thanks!

      Sam Gibby

      M.A. Candidate, 2008

      Regent University

      School of Divinity

      Virginia Beach, VA

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