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RE: [John_Lit] John's View of Jerusalem or "The City"

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  • Paul Anderson
    Thanks Marco and Fred. As a parallel to the City in John, at least to follow the Ellul critique, you might look up Johannine references to the world, as
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 30, 2006
      Thanks Marco and Fred. As a parallel to "the City" in John, at least to follow the Ellul critique, you might look up Johannine references to "the world," as the Cosmos stands in opposition to the Revealer in Johannine theology and narrative.

      On Jerusalem, proper, see James Charlesworth's new collection, Jesus and Archaeology (Eerdmans, 2006), where over half the essays engage subjects particular to the Gospel of John.

      A particular book that takes up an Ellulian interpretation of John (theocracy versus technocracy), you might consider David J. Hawking's book, The Johannine World: Reflections on the Theology of the Fourth Gospel and Contemporary Society (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1996). You might also consider Bultmann's treatment of the Revealer's scandalization of the World in his second volume of The Theology of the New Testament and make applications from there.

      All the best with your work!

      Paul Anderson

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      You may find more literature if you look for the Temple in the fourth
      Gospel. After all, Jerusalem is important a because of the Temple.

      There is a recent book: M. L. Coloe, God Dwells with Us. Temple Symbolism in
      the Fourth Gospel, Collegeville, MN 2001

      I hope this helps.

      Marco Fabbri

      On 12/30/06, fguyette@... <fguyette@...> wrote:
      > To set up my question:
      > Suppose you want to say something in a symposium setting about each of the
      > four gospels and what they might tell us about "The City" -- I have an
      > idea
      > what I want to say about Matthew and Luke-Acts, but with John I'm having a
      > harder time.
      > Jacques Ellul's "The Meaning of the City" is roughly the level at which
      > I'd
      > like to begin the discussion in this setting.
      > I surely want to say that Pilate is a violent man, not really interested
      > in
      > Truth
      > And perhaps that the best way to describe The Sanhedrin is that they were
      > "ready to make a political bargain" in which Jesus was expendable.
      > So my question is mainly bibliographic:
      > Which Biblical scholars have written about "Jerusalem in John's Gospel" or
      > "John's View of The City"?
      > This isn't quite the normal fare for our list, but someone may point me in
      > the right direction for further study and reflection...
      > Thank You,
      > Fred Guyette
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