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John and Sacraments

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  • Fred Guyette
    Sacraments in John. The abstract of Thyen s article (see below) promises a neat overview of the state of the question -- however, I can t read German -- is
    Message 1 of 3 , May 17 6:52 AM
      "Sacraments in John."
      The abstract of Thyen's article (see below) promises a neat overview of
      the state of the question -- however, I can't read German -- is there an
      English article or book that would offer a similar overview? Who is
      Klos? Does his way of organizing these differing views make sense to
      others on the list? Suggestions for articles or books would be appreciated.

      My question is prompted by Cullmann's book on worship in John -- which I
      picked up at a book sale -- he's persuasive, but I would like to know
      the wider context of the discussion

      Thank You,
      Fred Guyette
      Erskine College and Seminary

      Author: Thyen, Hartwig
      Literature on the Gospel of John).
      Journal: Theologische Rundschau
      Year: 1979
      Volume: 44(2)
      Page: 97 - 134
      Description: Post-Bultmann contributions on
      Johannine sacramental theology are discussed. While Lindars went
      beyond Bultmann in demonstrating the anachronism of reading
      Reformation sacramental theology into John, Klos has pointed out
      five modern interpretative directions: (1) antisacramental
      (Bornkamm, Schweizer), (2) spiritual (Barth, MacGregor), (3)
      sacramental (Cullmann, Wilkins), (4) symbolic (Niewalda, Brown),
      and critical-reserved (Barrett, Schnackenburg). This survey leads
      to a review of the positions on the critical texts: John 6:51ff.,
      3:1ff., 19:34f., 1 John 5:6 - 8, 20:19 - 23, and 13:1ff. To be
      continued. (German)

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