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Final Call: 8th Annual E-Lister's gathering at SBL

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    With apologies for cross posting! This is the third and final notice of the annual gathering of Biblical and Biblical Studies E-Listers at the annual meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2004
      With apologies for cross posting!

      This is the third and final notice of the annual gathering of Biblical
      and Biblical Studies E-Listers at the annual meeting of the SBL that
      begins in two day's time in San Antonio, Texas.

      (For details, see

      The E-Lister's meeting is planned for Saturday, Nov. 20th at 11:30 am
      (note the slight time change from 11 am) in Exhibit Hall C of the Henry
      B. Gonzalez Exhibition Center and (with thanks to the stalwart
      representatives of the Gramcord Institute) at the Gramcord Institute
      Booth (Booth # 452).

      As attendees of previous meetings know, this gathering is a great
      opportunity to place a face to an one hitherto known only as an
      electronic personality and/or to renew acquaintances made at previous

      Included here is a lists of all E-Listers who have let me know that they
      will be attending the SBL Meeting (not all of whom, unfortunately, will
      be able to come to the E-Lister's gathering), along with notices of
      papers they are presenting and/or sessions in which they are

      Apologies if I've left anyone out who has contacted me about this.

      If you have not yet contacted me, but will be attending the meeting,
      please write me OFF LIST at jgibson000@... and let me know the
      following ASAP. (I'll post a final head count tomorrow morning)

      (a) if and when and under what aegis you are presenting a paper,

      (b) your paper title, AND

      (c) what you consider to be your "home" E-List.

      As ever,


      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

      1500 W. Pratt Blvd. #1
      Chicago, IL 60626


      John Schwandt (New St. Andrews College, National Biblical Greek Exam)
      No paper

      Cindy Westfall
      No paper--right now, I'm sceduled as a respondant to to papers Sunday
      at 9:00, but as a new co-chair of the Biblical Greek Language and
      Linguistics Section, I've stepped down and will chair it instead.

      Sandra Hack Polaski
      Paper: "New Creation: A New Beginning in Pauline Theology." in the
      Pauline Epistles Section, Session S23-13 a paper titled

      Randall Buth
      Paper: "Teaching Greek Outside of a Textbook" in S20-52 Best Practices
      in Teaching Workshop 11/20/2004 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM


      "Double Frontings in Hebrew, Based on the Masoretic Torah" in S21-18
      Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew 11/21/2004 Sunday 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

      Norman Hutchinson
      No Paper

      Carlton Winbery
      No Paper

      Joseph Weaks, Senior Minister, Bethany Christian Church, Dallas
      No Paper

      Susan Jeffers, Adjunct faculty,Bethany Theological Seminary and Earlham
      School of Religion
      I'm giving a paper at the Quaker Theological Discussion Group Meeting
      Friday evening (an Additional Meeting). It's a retrospective for the
      50th anniversary of our little journal "Quaker Religious Thought".

      Biblical Studies

      Jim West
      No Paper

      Corpus Paulinum

      Kent L. Yinger, Assoc. Prof. of NT George Fox University
      No Paper

      Mark D. Nanos, Rockhurst University Soebbing Visiting Scholar
      Responding to papers on the subject of "Galatians and Images of Empire"
      in the Paul and Politics Group, S20-64, on Sat. 1pm to 3:30pm. Room

      Perry L. Stepp, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies Kentucky
      Christian University
      No Paper

      Ray Picket
      Presenting a paper entitled “Negotiating Community Identity in the
      Corinthian Assembly” in the Paul and Politics Group Saturday morning
      (S20-64), Saturday 1:00 pm.

      Eli Elliot
      Presiding for Paul & Politics Group Session S29-64 at 1:00pm on
      Theme: Reports from Working Groups on "Peoples History" in
      Galatia/Galatians and Corinth/Corinthians
      Theme I: Galatians and Images of Empire
      Theme II: Negotiating Identity Boundaries: The Ekklesia in Roman Corinth


      James C. Miller
      No Paper


      Ken Penner, McMaster/DSS
      Paper: "Toward a Method of Tagging Hebrew Tense, Aspect, and Mood " in
      S20-108 Computer Assisted Research 11/20/2004 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Room
      #207 - San Antonio Convention Center


      "Greek Names for Hebrew and Aramaic: A Case for Lexical Revision" in
      S22-5 Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics 11/22/2004 9:00 AM to
      11:30 AM Room #214B - San Antonio Convention Center


      Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Assoc. Prof. of Religion, Haverford College
      Paper: "Rabbinic Holiness between Chosenness and Spiritual Achievement"
      in S22-113: History and Literature of Early Rabbinic Judaism 4-6:30pm,
      11/22/04 room CC #213A.


      Robert A. Kraft, University of Pennsylvania
      Parer: "From Jewish Scribes to Christian Scriptoria: Issues of
      Continuity and Discontinuity" in
      SBL S22-110, "Early Jewish Christian Relations Section in concert with
      New Testament Textual
      Criticism and Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds, Monday, 4-6:30
      in CC-207

      Jim Davila, Lecturer in Early Jewish Studies, St. Mary's College,
      University of St. Andrews
      Paper: "Astrology and the Descenders to the Chariot"; Also chairing a
      session of the Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism Group

      John Lit

      Armand J. "Joe" Gagne Jr., University of South Carolina Sumter
      No Paper

      Elizabeth Danna
      No Paper

      Stan Harstine, Friends University
      Paper: “Un-Doubting Thomas: Recognition Scenes in the Ancient World” in
      Johannine Section, Tuesday

      Michael Willett Newheart, Associate Professor of New Testament Language
      and Literature, Howard University School of Divinity
      Paper: "Fanning Fanon's Flame: Using the Afro-Caribbean Psychiatrist
      Frantz Fanon in Interpreting the Apocalyptic Texts of Terror," 9:00 am
      Saturday in the Psychology and Biblical Studies section

      Kata Markon

      Geert Van Oyen, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
      Paper: "The Meaning of Jesus' Death in the Gospel of Mark. A Real Reader
      Perspective" in The Mark Group.

      Jesper Svartvik, Th.D., Fellow of the Swedish Research Council at Lund
      University, Centre for Theology & Rel. Studies
      Paper: "To Whom is the Chricstian Femal Slave in Thrall?" in the African
      American Hermeneutics Section

      Synoptic -L

      Stephen C. Carlson, Fairfax, VA
      Paper: "The Origin(s) of the "Caesarean" Text" in S20-62New Testament
      Textual Criticism Section, 11/20/2004, 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM Room #214B -
      San Antonio Convention Center

      Paul Buckley
      No Paper


      Mark Goodacre, Dept of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham

      Paper: Scripturalization in Mark's Crucifixion Narrative
      (http://ntgateway.com/Markcrucif.doc), Mark Group, Sunday 21 November, 1

      Jeffrey B. Gibson, Harry S Truman College
      Paper: "Once Again, the "Sign" of Jonah" in S20-68Synoptic Gospels
      11/20/2004 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
      Room: Room #204B - San Antonio Convention Center

      Gordon Raynal
      No Paper

      Gail Dawson
      No Paper

      Bob Webb
      Presenting a summary of a paper entitled "Intertexture and Argumentative
      Strategy within Priestly Discourse in First Peter" in the Rhetoric and
      the New Testament section (Saturday, 4pm - 6pm).

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