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re [John_Lit] mysticism and 4G: response to Frides Lameris

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  • Frides Laméris
    Hi John, ... From: John M.Noble To: Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 9:04 PM Subject: [John_Lit]
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      Hi John,

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      From: John M.Noble <jonob@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 9:04 PM
      Subject: [John_Lit] mysticism and 4G: response to Frides Lameris

      Re: the mysticism quote:
      ' Mysticism is the belief in an intimate relation between man and God,
      and the practice of this belief. It is not a theory of something too
      mysterious to be understood, but it is the initiation into a mystery
      that is worth understanding. The Christian is the initiated (Greek:
      mustes), the one who is desirous of initiation, and the secret of Gods
      being is the aim of his desire.'

      >> I wasn’t completely clear on whom you
      were attacking in that part of your mail >>

      Actually, in this part of my mail I was attacking nobody,
      just communicating some sentences which
      had given me a good feeling and would
      have brought some inspiration to the person (Elaine)
      for which it was (originally and exclusively) meant.

      The other points you raise in your mail are absolutely valid.

      The fact is there are many books, old ones and rather
      recent ones, on John and mysticism and it is a broad
      subject to study. Every book uses slightly or more differing

      A good and recent book that I read a few monts ago
      about the subject is:

      J.J. Kanagaraj: 'Mysticism in the
      Gospel of John', Journal for the Study of the NT,
      Supplement series 158, Sheffield (Sheffield Academic
      Press). It has a foreword by James Dunn, who is
      stating (a.o.) that it has now been shown by
      this study that merkabah mysticism is part of the historical
      background for GoJ in the first century A.D.
      (Excuse me I can't give the exact quote as this book is
      back in the university library now).

      I am glad you are having a good time with J.A.T. Robinsons
      Priority of John. It is a great book. His achievement will
      not easily be passed by any other NT scholar.

      Best wishes

      Frides Laméris
      Zuidlaren, Netherlands
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