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RE: [John_Lit] Re:Johannine Christology again

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  • Joseph C Goodson
    Dear John Noble: You wrote:
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 17, 2004
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      Dear John Noble:

      You wrote:

      <<Thanks for your posting. I'm still not clear on
      the relation of Lacan to the Christology of 4G.>>

      What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem? Everything and nothing.

      Lacan offers a particularly important take on the problem of the signifier
      and the signified and the problem of presence and absence as it makes itself
      known in the discourse of subjects. Because we cannot extricate ourselves
      from our understanding, Lacan might be helpful not simply in offering an
      interpretation of John, but also in offering an interpretation of US as we
      understand John.

      Do you deny that the FG is composed of signs -- signifiers and signifieds?
      If it is, then Lacan might have something to say about it.


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