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Ref: Roman, Jews, and Fairy tales

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  • heifromheinola
    A small snippet from Raymond E Brown´s Vol 1, The Death of the Messiah , paragraph Roman Control of the Death Penalty . Quote: They (the Jews) could judge
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      A small snippet from Raymond E Brown´s Vol 1, "The Death of the
      Messiah", paragraph "Roman Control of the Death Penalty".

      Quote: They (the Jews) could judge their fellow Jews in matters
      civil and criminal according to their own law, but in crimes against
      society at large the accused had to be treated according to Roman
      norms. As for execution, Jewish courts could sentence to death,
      subject to the approval of the Roman ruler. In religious issues
      that the Romans did not regard as capital, seemingly there was not
      always a Roman reaction when Jews slew another Jew; but in a public
      issue that the Romans considered important, a Jewish sentence had to
      be ratified by the prefect(local Roman appointed ruler)....unquote.

      There were tensions between Jews and Romans over the crimes that
      the Jews thought to be judged worth of execution. There is an
      example which a Jesus son of Ananias, reported by Josephus, the
      Jewish Sanhedrin could pronounce that someone deserved death for
      what the Romans did not consider capital (apostasy, blasphemy,
      infanticide) before handing the criminal over. In other cases it
      was not possible for the Romans to control all executions in remote

      Sincerely from Finland,
      David Puline.
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