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Numerical aspects in GJ (was:oral..)

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  • frideslameris
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      Hi Bill,

      As P. Hofrichter mentioned to you, Claus Schedl has
      written some good books on these things.
      I read parts of his 'Bauplaene des Wortes', very interesting

      In Holland we have a theologian who is very much
      into numbers in classical and NT writings:J. Smit Sibinga.
      In one of the last issues of New Testament Studies or
      Novum Testamentum there is an article from him
      on numerical structures in a specific chapter of John.

      I can recommend very much the doctoral dissertation of one
      of his students, M.J.J. Mencken,

      'Numerical literary techniques in John', Leiden, 1985.
      It has (also) a very useful and elaborated introduction to the subject.

      I think these things may even be helpful in order to establish
      the original text of the NT (textual criticism).

      From my own home town where I studied, Groningen (NL),
      there is the work of Prof. Casper Labuschagne, who wrote a full
      commentary on Deuteromy in the light of number structures.
      On the basis of his studies he is now very much questioning
      (actually: refuting!) the general OT- source(s) theories.

      He is now retired. Some of his recent work you can find on


      It may take some time before these things are more broadly
      accepted. Everyone studies according to his likings. A friend
      of mine, who was a student of Smit Sibinga, told me he had the
      tendency to fall asleep during the exposition of all his NT
      counting procedures.

      You may be a student, who gets more awake with the subject!

      Best wishes

      God is One

      Frides Laméris
      Zuidlaren (Home)

      P.S. I agree with you that all this is > 'but steeped in
      Jewish Higher Wisdom Mysticism', >.
      When scrutinized, it is all there, and there is actually
      nothing really mystical in or about it!
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