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Re: [John_Lit] The Davidic Christ (Was:Romans, Jews and Fairy tales)

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  • frideslameris
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      Hi Frank,

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      > However, the Jewish authorities finally decided to act only on Jesus'
      > affirmation that he is the (Davidic) Christ, the true King of Israel, and,
      > so, turned him over to Pilate for a Roman trial on the charge that he
      > claimed to be the King of Israel.

      Very interesting. When I see my post d.d. 17-01-04:

      <Jesus was crucified because his opponents disliked
      very much that he himself was using 'High Christology'
      (Mk 14:61/62) and they also disliked very much his
      'High Theology': that he declared himself to be one
      with God, as all spiritual teachers and mystics have
      been doing throughout the ages.>

      (and for the 'High Theology' part I refer especially
      to John 10:33,

      " The Jews answered him, saying: For a good work
      we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because
      that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.")

      then we seem rather close in interpretation, BUT,

      taking John to be superior in historical information,
      there is something more to the whole story!

      A new strong statement:

      The whole thing in the last stage is (was) a fake and
      it was a fake from the beginning also!


      Already after the resurrection of Lazarus (Jn 11),
      it was decided that Jesus should die (means:
      be eliminated or executed), please see Jn 11:53:

      'Then from that day forth they (the JEWISH authorities)
      took counsel together for to put him to death."

      And by the way, also the very man that was raised !

      ( Jn 12:10: "But the chief priests consulted that they
      might put Lazarus ALSO to death").

      When this pretty illegal (Jewish) decision had been
      made, Jesus was now a wanted man and he had
      to hide himself in Efraim (all acc. to John only).

      He could be arrested any moment for a very curious
      charge that he had annoyed the authorities very
      much by a spectacular raising-of-the dead miracle,
      the last one before his own final Sign.

      So this being the case according to John (highly
      unintelligible for the average academic theologian
      of course),

      when they (the jewish authorities) finally caught Jesus,
      through treason of Judas, and with the help of a roman
      cohort (for sure, not in full array), they had already
      misled the (lower) roman authorities ( for the first time)
      probably telling them that they were in search of a kind
      of a weaponed zealotic group with a very dangerous leader.
      (They may have feared Jesus and his group, but that was
      not according to (peaceful spiritual) reality!


      So today, lets make two groups 'guilty'.
      (Admitting moods of the exegete can influence his

      1) The jewish authorities who had been from the beginning
      of Jesus' public career been bend on killing him in various
      situations, on various grounds.

      2) The Romans, who had themselves first fooled,
      when they gave military support to the Jewish autho-
      rities in order to have Jesus arrested and turned over to
      them (!),

      and a second time, when Pilate, in danger of loosing his own
      head or position due to high pressure Jewish blackmail ('We
      have no King but Caesar), illustrating who actually was blaspheming),
      failed to protect an innocent Jew, who by his fellow-Jews had been
      charged on fake-grounds to be a political threat to the Romans!

      Not actually, a very nice fairy tale, after all!

      Best wishes to all

      Frides Laméris
      Zuidlaren (Home)

      we seem pretty close in interpretation BUT

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