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Re: [John_Lit] Romans, Jews and Fairy tales

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      > (Frides)
      > > Here is a new actualized statement from me:
      > >
      > > The Romans (esp. Pilate) had never had any problems with Jesus
      before that very day!
      > (Frank)
      > What about the so-called "triumphal entry" into Jerusalem?

      Jesus' entry into Jerusalem looks to me a rather peaceful thing.
      The Romans must have watched it, a rather interesting (strange)
      Jewish (religious) scene, people in a joyful mood, a (by now)
      rather well known Jewish charismatic teacher ', riding on a mule
      (he did not enter Jerusalem with a tank! - please pardon
      me for this anachronism), and the crowd joyfully celebrating...

      In the gospel reports the things really don't look too alarming for the

      A temple cleansing however, surely would have sparked of great difficulties
      if it had happened (as the synoptics suggest) in the last week of his
      life, when there had been already during a few years signs of
      increasing conflict between Jesus and the Jewish (temple) authorities.
      It would in that context surely have been a great provocation !
      I can't believe the Jewish authorities (AND Romans) would have refrained
      from 'counter violence' in that case.

      But I am pretty sure the synoptic placing is historically incorrect, Johns
      early placing (Jn 2) to be preferred.

      This all in the light of my own thesis that Johns reporting is generally
      historically superior to that of the the synoptists.

      Best wishes

      Frides Laméris
      Zuidlaren (Home)
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