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Re: [John_Lit] Oral Tradition

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  • Peter.Hofrichter
    ... Thank you Leonard, As to Joe s and Bob s contrutions, I do agree to what they write. Of course, at the beginning everything depends on human memory and
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 30, 2004
      Am 30.01.2004 um 16:32 schrieb Maluflen@...:

      > Yes, but there remains a legitimate issue over the question as to what
      > extent oral tradition really represents the solution to most of the
      > differences that actually exist among the Gospels as we have them. It
      > is also occasionally useful to recall, and it would be erroneous to
      > deny, the (dogmatic and) romantic influences on much of the research
      > that has historically been done on the question of oral tradition
      > behind the Gospels. This is the point I understood Hofrichter to be
      > making, and it is a valid one, I think.

      Thank you Leonard,

      As to Joe's and Bob's contrutions, I do agree to what they write. Of
      course, at the beginning everything depends on human memory and oral
      transmission. But once there were written reports, a successor will
      have consulted everything alredy existing. The time and enviroment of
      Jesus and even more of his follwers in Antioch etc. is a litterate and
      urban culture. This is not to be compared with somewhere in the remote
      montains of Montenegro. But, of course, these illitarate cultures did
      exist and have developped their methods of saving their traditions. As
      to The dogmatical implications of the idea of oral tradition behind the
      Gosels and their differences and contradictions: This was a great
      progress and a revolution in comparison to the quasi-dogma of verbal
      inspiration. It was a ingenious solution for the aporias of the
      errorlessness of the scripture and the point of liberation for
      discussing the differences and contrdictions between the Gospels. But
      for us it will be rather a manner of confessing our helplessness in
      front of problems we are not yet abel to resolve. Oral tradition seems
      often to be a cheep deus ex machina if the interrelation of texts
      connot be explained within a certain concept. Anyhow, at at first we
      should try to come along with the texts themselves.

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