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Re: Bread of Life John 6:46

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  • David Trapero
    ... bread ... sources . Frides, You raise several valid concerns. I m afraid in my zeal I spoke presumtuously. I do however, think I m onto something and am
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2004
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      --- In johannine_literature@yahoogroups.com, "frideslameris"
      <lameris46@z...> wrote:
      > I certainly like good reconstructions. I agree there is a lot of
      > talk in John 6, but I think you postulate too easily 'multiple

      You raise several valid concerns. I'm afraid in my zeal I spoke
      presumtuously. I do however, think I'm onto something and am excited
      by the prospects. Please see my new post to Mark Mattson for a
      fuller description of my hypothesis.
      > You say:
      > >"I have developed my own set of criteria for
      > assessing and selecting from among them.

      I should have said "am developing" because this is the beginning of a
      process. I've also changed my reconstruction a bit as I'm sure I
      will continue to do.
      > Is this a general set of criteria or it applies especially (or
      only) to
      > John 6?

      It would apply to those portions of GJohn which give evidence of
      combining more than one source/version of a phrase, sentence,
      pericope or block of material. Most of it seems to be clustered in
      6:32-58; 10:1-30; and I suspect chapters 15-17. There may be
      smatterings throughout. It's not all pervasive. If plausible if
      might fit contextually with the concept of the editor (the elder?)
      who incorporates material left over from the beloved disciple who is
      no longer with the community. I am of the opinion that the final
      edit included chapters 6,15-17,21 and possibly the prologue.

      > Which are these criteria?

      I'm working on it! Thanks for keeping me honest!

      David Trapero M.Div.
      818 2nd St. PL NE # 95
      Hickory, NC 28601
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