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[John_Lit] Layers and Passion

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  • Francis J. Moloney, SDB
    Good to see the healthy discussion - and thanks Felix for tightening this up. I hope this is not too irreverent. However ...As far as layers are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 1999
      Good to see the healthy discussion - and thanks Felix for tightening this up.  I hope this is not too irreverent.  However ...
      As far as "layers" are concerned, are we not going around in circles somewhat?  Each "theory" builds upon and re-writes something that has been said or re-said from Welhausen (and maybe earlier) onwards ... simply because the data does not allow of a definitive solution.  I have no doubt that we are dealing with a "layered" piece of literature (but so is Mark 6:7-13, and so on!).  I wonder when I find suggestions re exact verses belonging to a given era, and even to the careful delineation of a "given era."  For example, we were once so sure of the Birkat ha-minim, but that's all very unsure (despite W. D. Davies).  Maybe we can make these suggestions in a detailed study of a particular text (the strength of Paul Anderson's work)  ... but a theory that embraces the whole narrative (which is [to my way of seeing things] a remarkably unified narrative) might be beyond our scientific control.  Sorry to be a stick in the mud!
      I could not agree more on the need to get behind the "death" question.  I have always argued long and lound for death as revelation, but is it possible that the sacrificial, atoning, etc. idea has disappeared entirely?  The texts are there - especially the Lamb of God texts and the timing of the cruicifixion (I think the John 11 dying for the nation may be more Maccabean?).  How well are these themes integrated in the final text?  Forestell's study still bears careful attention (The Word of the Cross [AnBib 57; 1974]).
      Great to join you all
      Frank Moloney
      Catholic University of America

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