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[John_Lit] Re: Mary

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  • kymhsm
    Dear Ken,
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 16, 2003
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      Dear Ken,

      <<< The apocalyptic genre provides a pattern for history. The
      writer sets the revelation in the past. God controlled the past it is
      saying and so he can control the future. In general the events are
      based in the past and would be known to readers. I go along
      with von Rad, that apocalyptic originates in the Widsom schools.

      In apocalyptic literature the writer might set the revelation in the
      past, but it could hardly be said that the Revelation is set in the
      past. It would make no sense to the Asian believers if this were
      so. If it was late and it did make sense, I suspect some one
      would have commented on it somewhere.

      This may not be an issue for the Johannine list but, If it is
      conceded that God controlled the past, it cannot be a mere
      possibility that God `can control the future'. The God who
      controlled the past also controls the future. For God to control the
      future means that he knows the future (eg. Isa 46:10; Rev1:8). If
      God knows the future then there it is not an issue for him to
      declare it in terms and images that he had spent the last two
      millennia establishing.


      Kym Smith
      South Australia
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