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Re: John19:34/Matt27:49

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  • David Trapero M.Div.
    ... It s ... place? ... AFTER ... before ... context is ... it ... Both of these options seem reasonable. Especially if one considers the possibility that one
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      --- In johannine_literature@yahoogroups.com, "Wieland Willker"
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      > I am undetermined regarding the authenticity of these words in Mt.
      > a very difficult question.
      > The support is good. If this reading was in Tatian, why at this
      > Is it possible that he actually read it in his Mt?
      > Also there is no immediate reason for a secondary addition. If this
      > sentence is a secondary addition, why insert it here (and create a
      > discrepancy) and not at some later point, e.g. after verse 50?
      > It has been suggested that the testimony in Jo 19:35 was meant with
      > regard to the time of the piercing ("I testify that it happened
      > his death."), to object to other accounts like Mt who placed it
      > Jesus' death.
      > It is also possible that the added words are correct, but the
      context is
      > not meant as a time frame in Mt. He just notes that it happened, but
      > is not possible to say exactly when it took place.

      Both of these options seem reasonable. Especially if one considers
      the possibility that one of the functions of GJohn may have been to
      suppliment/compliment and/or correct (in certain instances) the
      synoptic tradition. In pericopes which GJohn has in common with the
      synoptics, we consistently find a greater attention to detail and bits
      of data which may upon first blush seem trivial but which smack of
      eyewitness immediacy. I subscribe to Matthean priority and believe
      that John with conversant with the only other Gospel claiming direct
      apostolic origin.

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