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[John_Lit] John 21 RTF

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  • SUN
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 1999
      Randy Leedy wrote:

      > Pat Rogers wrote:
      > >>>
      > I would happily read and critique this paper -- provided I get it as
      > a "text
      > only" e-mail.
      > <<<
      > I understand the concern about viruses. However, the time that would
      > be required to format the paper for acceptable display in the body of
      > any variety of email programs is prohibitive for me.
      > I have gone so far as to produce a Rich Text Format version, which,
      > at least, contains no possibility of carrying a macro virus. That's as
      > far as I can go in the direction of sanitizing as of right now. The
      > file will arrive as an attachment that, as far as I know, carries no
      > possible danger beyond what any email message itself may carry.
      > Someone knowledgable may correct me if I'm wrong. The Greek in this
      > version of the file is transliterated into small caps English type. It
      > is my understanding that most of the relatively recent Word
      > processors, both Windows and Mac, will open this file format fairly
      > successfully.
      > Anyone who would like this RTF version of the paper I offered near
      > the end of last week may get it by emailing me with the SUBJECT "John
      > 21 rtf" (the quotes don't matter). An automatic reply will be
      > generated, and I'd greatly appreciate you availing yourself of that
      > mechanization.
      > I suspect that the paper is being read largely by those who agree
      > with it; at any rate, nearly all the response I'm getting is in basic
      > agreement with the paper's thesis, which is that John does intend a
      > distinction between AGAPAW and FILEW in the lakeside exchange between
      > Jesus and Peter. I would especially appreciate any responses from the
      > opposing point of view. The Word 97 version, again, is available by
      > emailing me with the subject field "John 21 doc".
      > Thanks to Pat and others who have shown interest in this paper.
      > Blessings! (Acts 3:26)
      > Randy Leedy
      > Bob Jones University
      > Greenville, SC
      > RLeedy@...
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