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[John_Lit] Re: SBL

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    About the publications ...I didn t know anything about this, but I only recently joined this group. By published , I presume is meant solely for this group,
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 8, 1999
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      About the 'publications'...I didn't know anything
      about this, but I only recently joined this group. By
      'published', I presume is meant solely for this group,
      i.e., not in a book?

      I presented two papers dealing with John, one for the
      Johannine Literature session, one for the Comparative
      Literature session (a panel that I organized). The
      former was actually entitled "Ethical Dualism of Food
      in The Gospel of John"; the latter "Gift-Giving Across
      the Sacred-Profane Divide: A Quasi-Maussian Analysis
      of Heavenly Versus Earthly Food in Gnosticism and
      John's Gospel". The original title for both was
      "Heavenly Versus Earthly Food in Gnosticism, John's
      Gospel, and Judaism". That was a throwaway title used
      due to time pressure when I was hurrying to get my
      paper proposals in to the AAR/SBL organizers.

      For anyone's interest, I also presented a paper in the
      Manichaean session, on Manichaean cosmology. The
      Manichaean group needs more people, by the way. Anyone

      So, to return to the original point--what is this
      about publishing?

      Jeff Hodges

      --- "Felix Just, S.J." <fjust@...> wrote:
      > wcmills wrote:
      > > When will these papers be published???
      > Please be patient folks! So far I've only gotten a
      > few of the SBL papers submitted electronically, and
      > since it is up to the individual
      > scholar's decision, certainly not all of them will
      > ever be published in the "Johannine Literature"
      > discussion group's "Vault".
      > Moreover, we're in the middle of final exams here at
      > LMU, but I'll get to these as soon as I can.
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