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[John_Lit] Re: Question about John 4 and Gen24/29/Ex2

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  • kymhsm
    Dear Elizabeth, Having spoken of Lyle Eslinger s comparison of John 4 with the OT well scenes, you wrote:
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 4, 2003
      Dear Elizabeth,

      Having spoken of Lyle Eslinger's comparison of John 4 with the
      OT well scenes, you wrote:

      <<<I must admit that I find this reading amusing - but how
      convincing is it? In focusing on the overtones of the language
      and on the betrothal aspects of the Old Testament type-scenes,
      Eslinger has picked up on an aspect of this narrative which is
      there - he has not imagined it. The Old Testament type-scene
      references and the overtones of the language are indeed there
      to be picked up on. But in stressing the betrothal aspects of the
      narrative as he does, Eslinger minimises another aspect of the
      narrative which is more important - its salvation-history aspect.
      To return to the Old Testament narratives which Eslinger calls
      type-scenes for the Johannine narrative: it is true that in these
      narratives the meeting at a well leads to marriage. But more
      important is the fact that the relationships which begin in this
      manner are steps in the formation of the people of God. So also
      this New Testament wellside meeting represents a step in the
      redefinition of the people of God.>>>

      With no expectation that you would agree with the whole scheme
      that I propose and ignoring any reference to `my
      you-probably-know-what', I suspect that the connection I have
      drawn across the chiastic structure of 4:16-27 (#3248) brings
      together the betrothal theme of the encounter at the well and the
      `salvation-history aspect' which you found lacking in Eslinger's
      article. Jesus, as the True Husband, draws out the True Bride –
      those who worship neither here nor there but in Spirit and in truth
      – of which the Samaritan woman became a part. The Husband
      and Bride theme shows `the formation of the people of God' in
      the most intimate way possible.

      It also adds to the climax Mary Coloe has indicated was building
      up to the well scene.

      If I might throw in an extra thought: if I am right in my acceptance
      of a. the priority of the Revelation over the gospel and b. the
      common authorship of the two, then I believe the reason for the
      strong marriage theme in the gospel was the indelible effect on
      John of the vision of the glorified Bride in the zenith of the


      Kym Smith
      South Australia
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