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[John_Lit] Re: Re:Textbooks for a course on Johannine Literature

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  • Pat Rogers
    My current favourite is Frank Moloney s John, in the Sacra Pagina series (1997), which manages to cover a wide range of sensible scholarly views in very
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 30, 1999
      My current favourite is Frank Moloney's John, in the Sacra Pagina series (1997), which manages to cover a wide range of sensible scholarly views in very accessible language.  My students find it very helpful.
      With  very best wishes,
      Patrick Rogers, Mount Argus, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W
      (Tel. 01-4923165 or 086-803-2316)
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      > Folks:
      > I was wondering if
      I could ask from your corporate experiences what textbooks
      > are useful in
      teaching a seminary class on Johannine Literature, i.e., what
      > textbooks
      you have used with success in such settings, or would suggest.  I
      myself was trained in Hebrew Bible but did much in general hermeneutics as well.
      >   I will be teaching a class on Johannine Literature in an
      extention setting
      > next year.  I opted for this because, to be
      frank, I just wanted to do something
      > of interest that was different for
      a while, and Johannine Literature has always
      > fascinated me.  Once I
      finish my final edits for a forthcoming book on Qoheleth
      > in the JSOT
      Supplemental Series, I must turn to producing an ECD for this
      course.   I figured John would be a nice break from Ecclesiastes, at least, it
      > seems on the other side of the 'galaxy' to me.  Any other
      books you would
      > recommend for my own research would be appreciated as
      well.  My particular
      > interests are more literary in mind, but
      sociological stuff like Malina does has
      > always perked my interest
      too.   Thanks so much for any input and advice. 
      > Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D.
      > Adjunct Professor of Biblical
      > Fuller Theological Seminary of Northern
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