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[John_Lit] Re: Humor/Irony in the Fourth Gospel

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  • Felix Just, S.J.
    ... I ve never thought of John 9 as being humorous or comic , esp. since the consequences seem so dire (9:22 - anyone who confessed [Jesus] to be the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 11, 1999
      Charles Starkey <CStarWrk@...> wrote:

      > The story of the man who was born blind reminds me a situation comedy.

      > Do others recognize humor in other parts of the fourth gospel?

      I've never thought of John 9 as being "humorous" or "comic", esp. since the consequences seem so dire (9:22 - "anyone who confessed
      [Jesus] to be the Christ would be put out of the synagogue"; 9:34 - "they drove him out"; 9:41 - "your sin remains"; etc.). Certainly
      there is lots of irony and pathos, but is it the type of thing that would make anyone laugh or even chuckle? Or how broadly do you want
      to define "humor"?

      Moreover, the most humorous parts of the Synoptics seem to be omitted by John (e.g. Peter's attempt at walking on water). The closest
      thing in John might be the footrace between Peter and the B.D. in John 20:3-4, or Peter putting some clothes ON before jumping into the
      water in John 21:7. But would even these have been considered funny by any first-century readers?

      > Can someone point me to a more recent bibliography?

      In addition to the books already mentioned by Julian and Tom, there is also an article by Doris E. Myers, "Irony and Humor in the Gospel
      of John," OPTAT 2.2 (1988) 1-13, but I don't recall what she claims there. Maybe Tom or someone else has read it more recently?

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