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Re: [John_Lit] RE: Elvis in Seattle, as related to FG

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      Subject: [John_Lit] RE: Elvis in Seattle, as related to FG

      > >
      > Jack wrote to me (off list):
      > Lorber Gospel" is not a subject for John-L any more than alien
      > abductees and Elvis working in a car wash in Seattle. Sorry. We must
      > stick to the primary and serious literature.
      > I teach at Seattle University, and I think I saw Elvis at a car wash near
      > here too!! Note: "Elvis" is an anagram for "Lives," and water and life
      > important words in FG! SPOOKY, huh!
      > (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your spooky message!

      Can't resist, only for once (I hope):

      Just met Jesus' wife in the supermarket. She told me that it was SHE who
      wrote FG.
      I said to hear: Just only recently heard on JohnLit. list that your famous
      husband was married!
      She excused herself that she had made the thing so obscure in FG. Because
      Kajafas c.s.
      had caused her husbands death, she wanted to take some revenge on her fellow
      Jews by
      using some tough expressions about them in her gospel. Others Jews were
      pretty fine for
      her, of course. She also told me she has her own computer now. You can reach
      her at Marry-Finaltruth.com

      She gave me one more clue to understand her husbands life better.

      In his three years performance it might be useful to differentiate between
      Proto-Jesus 1, 2 and 3. He made quite some changes in his personality over
      3 different periods according to her - like today in the study of
      philosophers, you have 'The young X, X is his middle period
      and the man (or woman) in his/her late phase. For the interpretation of
      phase 3 it could be of help to see her historical husband as something like
      the 'Good old Jesus' (GOJ).

      She hopes you are all well and enjoy her work in remembrance of her husband.

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