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A married Jesus.

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  • Moloney, Francis J.
    Jack, Good to hear your strong convictions on Jesus being married. Have you ever thought about the eunuch saying in Matt 19:12 in this context? What is the
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      Good to hear your strong convictions on Jesus' being married. Have you
      ever thought about the eunuch saying in Matt 19:12 in this context?
      What is the form-critical background for that - Sitz im Leben Jesu ...
      or der Kirche? If the former, what did he mean? If the latter (which I
      find hard to accept on the basis of the word "eunuch"), I can understand
      why its there.

      I did something on this years ago ... I may have been wrong. I
      suggested then that this is the only Gospel evidence in support of the
      belief that Jesus was unmarried. The study (updated) is now available
      in my recent "A Hard Saying." The Gospel and Culture (Collegeville: The
      Liturgical Press, 2001), 34-52.


      Frank Moloney
      Catholic University of America (where else? - smiling!)

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      > Peter Hofrichter wrote:
      > > Jesus asks this question: Wife, what have I to do
      > > with you?
      > Are you thinking in German here: "Weib"? And do you
      > really mean this in the sense of "wife" -- or in the
      > more general sense of "woman"?

      In first century Jewish culture, an unmarried man the age of Jesus would
      have been scandalous. The first miracle is at a wedding where the
      status of
      the wine supply would be the business of the participants and not a
      Jesus ' interaction with Miryam Migdal-itha is always that which would
      been allowed ONLY to a wife in 1st century middle eastern society. In
      end, it is Miryam, with the help of her lady friends, that is
      for preparation of the corpse. Only a wife could ask to be given the
      of a deceased male. Even today, grief stricken wives often see and talk
      their dead husbands just after death..every one of us, I would venture,
      been told so by widowed friends. Let us assume the obvious, for the
      sake of
      argument, that Jesus was married and Miryam was his wife. Not
      this at all is one of the flaws of HJ research where theology still
      interferes with historical-critical analysis.

      The only things that get in the way of a married Jesus are:

      1. A higher Christology that would not reach its zenith until just
      before of
      the dawn of the 2nd century.

      2. The text and canon "shapers" or "re-formatters" who are a brilliant
      nutty gaggle of misogynistic anti-semites.

      Try as I may, every tenet.... every canon of historical-critical
      methodology, including redaction criticism and cultural anthropology
      to a married Jesus and Miryam Migdal-itha as Mrs. Y'shua bar Yosef.

      Yes, yes...I know the obvious next question...what about inevitable
      barring infertility? If Miryam's role in the texts were altered to that
      a pious groupie, who in the texts in late adolescence might be Jesus,

      A gentle tad of facetiousness is sometimes a good tool when claiming
      this issue should be given more serious historical-critical attention.

      Shlama amkhon


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