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[John_Lit] Clarifications - Part II

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  • Felix Just, S.J.
    Dear Johannine Literature list members, Let me add one more clarification and a request: I really was not particularly offended (citing Ramsey Michaels
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 1999
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      Dear "Johannine Literature" list members,

      Let me add one more clarification and a request:

      I really was not "particularly offended" (citing Ramsey Michaels' words)
      by Mary Coloe's off-topic joke (although some males might have been).
      But since there were no new postings to this list for several days
      thereafter, I began wondering again about the direction and depth of our

      Several times in the past few months I noticed that after someone posted
      some very interesting reflections or thought-provoking questions, there
      were very few or no responses, even though we have over one hunderd
      well-qualified list members. Yet I also suspect that I am not the only
      one who would like to see this "Johannine Literature" list develop into
      a valuable tool for academic research and an interesting forum for
      scholarly exchange.

      This does not mean that we have to have heated arguments and dozens of
      messages posted each day (as in some other electronic discussion
      groups), but I think it does mean that we need to try to stay focused on
      the topic in order to be able to attract and retain some other top-level
      Johannine scholars. It also means that more of us (senior scholars,
      junior professors, graduate students, and others) need to be willing to
      participate actively a little more regularly.

      So, in addition to thanking those who have been contributing, and to
      encouraging once again a resumption of our academic discussion on
      Johannine matters, let me also ask for some other contributions
      regarding the nature and purpose of this group. What hopes or
      expectations do you have, and what can we as a group do to make this
      list interesting and worthwhile?

      We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!

      Felix Just, S.J. -- Asst.Prof. of Theological Studies
      Loyola Marymount University -- 7900 Loyola Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90045-8400 -- (310) 338-5933
      WebPage -- http://clawww.lmu.edu/faculty/fjust
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