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[John_Lit] Confusion and Clarifications

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  • Felix Just, S.J.
    ... Felix reply to all Gospel of John and Johannine Literature list members: I gladly accept Bill s public apology, and thank him for his graciousness,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 1999
      Bill Skelton wrote:

      > 1) I wish to apologize to Felix and the group for my inappropriate attempt
      > at humor in reply to Felix's comments about someone sending a joke to the
      > group. There may be groups that exchange jokes but I guess this isn't one
      > of them.

      Felix' reply to all "Gospel of John" and "Johannine Literature" list members:

      I gladly accept Bill's public apology, and thank him for his graciousness,
      but his message also created some more confusion, so let me briefly try to

      The original joke (about the gender of "computer" in Hebrew), my request
      (that we keep our focus on John), and Bill's retort (telling me to "lighten
      up") were all posted ONLY to the academic "Johannine Literature" group.
      However, his above-quoted apology was mistakenly sent ONLY to the
      non-academic "Gospel of John" group.

      Since he and I and others are members of BOTH the academic and the
      non-academic groups, the mixup was certainly unintentional and
      understandable. However, people who are members of only one of the two groups
      missed out on part of the exchange, which caused some minor confusion.

      And since I don't want a sour reputation (I love jokes as much as anyone
      else!), let me re-emphasize the differing purposes of the two groups (as we
      agreed upon last May):

      [Gosp_John] - Jokes, poems, prayers, personal testimonies, questions about
      faith, etc. certainly ARE appropriate on the NON-academic "Gospel of John"
      discussion list. Anyone may share anything even vaguely related to our chosen
      topic on this list, subject only to the rules of common courtesy and
      netiquette (don't insult others, no personal attacks, no spamming, etc.).

      [John_Lit] - Although academics need not be humorless, it is essential for
      the success of this list that all contributions be related as closely as
      possible to the ACADEMIC discussion of the Johannine Literature. In the past
      few months, several world-class Johannine scholars joined this list, but quit
      again after noticing some off-topic chat and not enough serious discussion.
      If we really want this to become a valuable tool for scholarly exchange, then
      we need to keep on-topic and academically oriented as much as possible.

      If we try to remember these distinctions between the two lists, then more of
      us will be happy, finding the type of discussion we want and avoiding what we
      don't want.

      So, Bill (and others), if you know some good biblical jokes (esp. ones
      related to John), please DO share them with us on the [Gosp_John] list, but
      preferably not on the [John_Lit] list. Thanks!

      Felix Just, S.J. -- Asst.Prof. of Theological Studies
      Loyola Marymount University -- 7900 Loyola Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90045-8400 -- (310) 338-5933
      WebPage -- http://clawww.lmu.edu/faculty/fjust
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