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[John_Lit] translation problems.

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  • Mary Coloe
    How to translate the word COMPUTER to Hebrew And the need arose to translate the word computer to Hebrew, which created a problem. Hebrew nouns have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 1999
      How to translate the word "COMPUTER" to Hebrew

      And the need arose to translate the word 'computer' to Hebrew, which
      created a problem. Hebrew nouns have gender; what gender should be
      given to this particular word?

      So God in God's infinite wisdom convened two committees of experts, one
      consisting of men, the other of women. Each group was asked to suggest
      which gender would be appropriate for "computer": male or female. Each
      group was also asked to state reasons for its decision.

      The group of female experts suggested that the word Computer be male
      gender. Their reasoning being:

      a) In order to get their attention, you must first turn them on.
      b) They usually do what you ask them to do, but they will never do
      anything beyond that.
      c) They are supposed to solve your problems; but, usually, they are
      the problem.
      d) The minute that you commit yourself to one, you discover that had
      you waited a bit longer, you could have gotten a better model
      e) They usually become obsolete within 5 years and must be replaced.
      However, some of the users feel that having already invested so much
      that they may as well settle for being stuck with a model whose functioning
      leaves much to be desired.

      The group of male experts, suggested that the word "computer" be given
      female gender. They gave the following reasons:

      a. No one other than the Creator can understand their internal logic.
      b. The language in which they communicate with each other is totally
      incomprehensible to others.
      c. Even the tiniest mistake that you make is stored in their memory forever.
      d. The message "Bad command" or "file name" gives about the same amount of
      information as "If you don't know why I'm angry, then I certainly have no
      intention of telling you."
      e. The minute you commit yourself to one, you discover yourself
      spending half of your salary on accessories for it.

      God understood that women always have the last word, so the word
      "computer" carries male gender in Hebrew.

      Dr.Mary Coloe pbvm
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